High-quality Halepress graphic presses directly from the manufacturer for home, school and professional use since 1980 from Finland.

High quality press

                                    guarantees a high quality print

Strong and durable construction for thick rolls, a steel bed plate in between ensures a good and even print. The material thickness of the rollers is really important. Our press rolls are made of thick-walled material tubes (15-28mm based on press size)

Even compression adjustment 

Scale for compression adjustment screws. Once calibrated, the scale helps maintain a constant compression pressure. Looking at the scale, it is easy to set a steady and correct pressure immediately, reducing the number of test prints. 

Durable, high quality and easy to use

The presses are designed to last.

From the feedback we have received from various art rooms and schools, we know that presses are suitable for both professional and educational use. High-quality components are low-maintenance and easy to maintain.

We make each press by listening to the customer's wishes. For example, a longer bed plate, or changing the height of the press is possible.