M100 ja M100E Press features

  • Special Orders: Also bigger presses we deliver on your demand
  • Bed size 100 cm x 180 cm
  • Presses are made for heavy duty professional and institutional use
  • Equipped with a stand and extra bars with PVC rollers for long beds
  • Roller diameters 22 cm
  • Micrometer pressure dials to allow consistent pressure application and repeatability
  • Torque wrench dials to adjusting consistent high pressure. Max 180 Nm
  • Max printing pressure 10000 kg
  • Also for relief printing. Polyurethane or cardboard placed under spindles for flexibility
  • Base mounted safety guards to protect hands while printing
  • Upper roller covered by transparent plex safety guard, moving up and down with roller. Optional 150 Eur
  • Bed stops screwed underside of phenolic resin bed
  • Hand operated model uses a balanced heavy wheel
  • Manual starting and shutting off of system for motorized model
  • Optional light sensors for shutting off the system automatically available for 315 Euros
  • Grease nipples for SKF ballbearigs and spindles
  • Optional stand with casters available for 150 Euros
  • Includes manual
  • Presses do not include blankets, blankets are sold separately
  • Customisations, for example other bed lenghts are available by arrangement
  • Road freight crate 3 cubic metres
  • The stand is shipped in parts and the press fits through doors when the gearbox side is turned vertically up.
    Six people are required to carry the press
  • We warrant the press to be free from deficits in material and craftmanship for 4 years, parts, such as motors and other attachments, made by other manufacturers will carry their own manufaturers' warranties



                                                                                                         M100                                                       M100E
Bed size                                                                                   100x180x1cm                                      100x180x1cm

Overall length (with the stand and bed)                         180 cm                                                    180 cm
Overall width (with the stand and bed)                           161 cm                                                    150 cm
Overall height (with the stand and bed)                         130 cm                                                    130 cm
Weight with the stand (With the steel bed)                  670 kg                                                    720 kg

Stand dimensions
Length (without the bed)                                                    100 cm                                                  100 cm
Width (without the bed)                                                       90 cm                                                   90 cm
Height (without the bed)                                                      65 cm                                                   65 cm

Electric voltage AC (400 V optional)                                                                                             380 V
Power electric motor                                                                                                                           550 W
Printing speed                                                                                                                                        2 cm/s
Gear box ratio                                                                        1:10                                                           1:480 

                       M100             11.191,74 €, VAT 0%         -         13.877,75 €, VAT 24%     -    lock wheels 280,00 €
                      M100E          14.197,21 €, VAT 0%        -         17.604,13 €, VAT 24%    -     lock wheels 280,00 €